Bing and Yahoo slow off the mark

Well, in my humble opinion it’s been a very poor showing from Bing and Yahoo in my search engine race so far.  Google has now spidered, and indexed pretty much the whole site, but Bing and Yahoo have failed to fully index even the home page despite visiting the site a couple of times.

Yahoo is coming in runner-up as it has made a start on the process, with their site explorer showing the new <title> tag from the site.  That’s a clear step up from Bing which still shows URL’s which have not functioned on the site for a number of years.

Searching for on Google shows me 35 listings, which includes some of the old obscure stuff which has been given a new burst of life due to inbound links and the effect of having the 404 page responding with valid HTML as I described in my previous post.

Bing gives 7 results, one of which is disallowed in robots.txt, the old home page entry and five links which were removed from the site in 2004 when I sold my hosting business, although I believe there may have been valid pages on those url’s up until 2007, so we’ll give it the benefit of the doubt on that.  Bing gives the same results for and as does Google.

Yahoo takes you to the site explorer page when you search on and the results speak for themselves. 3 URL’s, all of them with old content, but if you specifiy as the url it does show the new <title> so I think it’s going to come in second place, leaving Yahoo out in the search engine cold.

I was surprised that yahoo hasn’t figured out that and are the same thing mind you, although that may well come with time as it’s databases update.

Almost 6 full days after submitting the sitemap to the big three, and it’s pretty apparent that Google’s spider and indexing process is far more effective than either of its cohorts.

Takeaways for today:

  • Submit cnames for your sites separately to the Yahoo spider, it treats them separately, or at least when partially indexed it does.
  • Don’t expect to see action in under a week from Bing or Yahoo when introducing a new site to the web.  (Once it’s indexed that may be different, as it should monitor the sitemap, well see!)

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