Bing checks in after 13 days. Dave Collins’ Blog

Finally some action from Bing in my search engine race, just after I said I’d given up. Thirteen days is not a startling performance by any measure, and there appears to only be the home page in the index so far, but that’s at least a good start.

Searching for phrases on the home page works, so it’s fully indexed, and the content it’s indexed appears to be from yesterday. What’s more exciting is the old URL’s which were invalid have now vanished from the search, although the one disallowed in robots.txt is still there.

While we’re on the subject of Bing… I read an Interesting tid-bit on Dave Collin’s blog about Bing providing a twitter search facility. Seems like I might have spoken too soon when I pulled fun at Bing about not being real time. A quick play with the beta test Bing/Twitter search engine shows that Bing is at worst 2 minutes behind Twitter.

Dave’s blog can be found at and has some good general ‘net marketing information. You can follow him on twitter at

There’s a bit of information on the official Bing blog about their partnership with Twitter [here] if you’re into a longer read

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