Google, Bing and Yahoo race to index my Blog

I’m not much of a racing fan normally, but I thought it’d be entertaining to see how long it took the big three to spider and index my new blog after submitting a valid xml site map to their respective webmaster tools pages.

This domain, has been around for a fair while. It used to have my web services information on it back when I had pretensions of being a small time ISP. However, for the last few years it’s been the home of a single page message saying that I’ve packed up my bag and moved onto other things.

So all three search engines have indexed, and they all produce the same top hit if you search for The race is to see how long it takes them to pick up the new page content and get it indexed. This is in a small way a bit of a validation experiment for myself as well. We all know the theory about description meta tags, sitemaps and so-forth, don’t we?

So, the starting point for the big three at 10pm NZST on Saturday 11th:







As a slightly annoying aside, the results above for bing show the path /vccbb which was in my robots.txt as a disallow for the last two years. Possibly someone from Microsoft needs to read up on how the standard works.

Looks like I’m not alone with this, a quick Google will find you a few references through September on forums and SEO blogs about the issue. For the record, my robots.txt for at least the last year was:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /images/
Disallow: /vccbb/

So, there you have it, my first real blog posting, and the scene is set for a major show-down. As of this very minute none of the search engines have changed their results yet.

This is so exciting, I might. Well. Go get a coffee.

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