Telecom New Zealand DNS Fail

This tickled my fancy, so just had to write a up a few words about it.

Telecom is the largest telco in New Zealand, and it appears they can’t run a robust DNS setup for their own domain. Their ISP, Xtra, had some problems last year with their DNS, which caused problems for many of it’s customers, but this time around it’s their own corporate domain, that has fallen into the cyber bit-bucket.

I was looking for a bit of info on mobile plans, as you do, and went to surf to the site and got a timeout. Odd I thought but it might be my connection so I lept on the VPN to work. Nope, same result. Log into a cloud server in the US. Nup. No DNS entries.

A quick look at the dnc website at tells me that they’ve paid their bill, so my cunning plan of registering their domain under my name if they’d let it lapse was dashed. However the odd thing is that the largest telco in New Zealand appears to be running their two DNS servers on the same subnet.

100707-telecom-name-serversThat’s not such an issue unless that subnet is out. Which it appears to be right now. Neither DNS server is pingable, which might be the normal state of affairs, but ‘dig’ can’t talk to them either, which is an indication that not all is right in the world of Telecom DNS servers.

So, Mr Telecom, might be time to get with the rest of the world and host a secondary DNS with another provider. Telstra or Vodafone maybe?

100707-digging-telecom-dnsAlternately, I could run one for you in the US for a few bucks a month, it’d save quite a bit of egg on face me thinks.

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