Arduino Nano library files for kicad

Recently I wanted to get some circuit boards made up as a carrier for the Arduino Nano and I couldn’t find a decent library file and module for kicad, my EDA weapon of choice.

I suspect maybe it was just my google-foo letting me down, but there were some truly useless library files out there on the interwebs for the Nano, whereas there were some great libraries including 3D models for some of the other models of the Arduino.  Go figure.

You can find the files on github:

Pop a comment down below if you find them useful, I create a lot of custom library files for Kicad but most of them are pretty specific to what I need and never see the light of day.  I thought these ones were a bit more applicable for others to find useful.

Arduino Nano for Kicad

PCB module view

Arduino nano for Kicad

Schematic View

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  2. Chris H

    You’re right.. Electrically it’s the same as Pin 3, but I didn’t link them. I’ll fix that up and update the file on gitlab! 🙂 Thanks.

  3. fernandorpardo

    Thanks for the nice job
    You probably need to define pin 27 (5V) as power output. This pin is the output of the internal power regulator
    Also pin 29 (GND) is power input, the same as pin 4


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