Disclaimer and Legal Rambling

Well, It probably goes without saying that this site merely contains a rough distillation of my personal opinion.

Nothing I say or type here has any more meaning or weight than any other random assembly of characters on the Internet.

I do not purport to represent any group or body, or my employers at my ‘real job’ in any statements I make.

I will always attempt to acknowledge copyright of others work where I reference it. If I’ve missed out a reference or I’ve included something on my website you’d prefer was not here please contact me and it will be scrubbed, forthwith.

Likewise I would appreciate it if you nick something of mine from this site that you return the favour in kind with a link, reference or kind mention in your memoirs.

In some cases I may describe actions or processes I have taken, which may or may not be interpreted as instructions and/or guides towards a certain end. In no case should you follow my instructions in any sense unless you know what you’re doing and understand what happens when you mess it up.

At best my instructions might result in some sort of meaningful outcome, but there is a slight, although statistically non-zero chance that you may grow a third arm from your forehead and cause wind storms on the far side of Jupiter.

Finally, in the scheme of declaring conflict which is topical for blogs at the moment; My full time job is as an systems engineer / architect for a communications company in Christchurch NZ, and I run a part time consultancy doing IT stuff in the cloud. I have not up to this point taken bribes from anyone to post stuff on my blog, although I’m always interested in offers!


I use cookies. There. I said it. Mainly for Google analytics at this stage, although I might use cookies for other things in the future. I’m a geek, I play with these things.

Despite my wanton and confessed use of cookies on this website I collect no information about you personally unless you make a comment on a blog post identifying yourself and to be honest I really have no use for your personal information in the context of running my own little soap box website.

I suspect the social like/share buttons from Facebook, Twitter and Google are of more concern if you don’t like being tracked. Can I suggest you don’t click on them if you don’t like that stuff?

Reality is that this is 2017, if you don’t want to be tracked online I’m sure you can find a nice tinfoil hat on ebay.

– Chris Hellyar