This website is the fourth itteration of www.trash.co.nz and is my personal blog. I occasionally get interested in something enough to write a post here.

There's no particular topic of method to my madness, it's just a place for an occasional waffle.

The domain name came about because back in the good old days I ran a BBS, or Bulletin Board Service, for those who have not been around email for long enough to remember 300 baud modems and the rapturous joy of Zmodem being able to re-start a 10k download.

The BBS was called 'The Trashcan BBS' so it seemed only right I should have this domain when the internet became more of a reality. The fellow in the logo graphic is the original trashcan BBS logo.

If you'd like to get in touch for some random reason my DM's are open on twitter and I check in there occasionally or just email me chris@trash.co.nz.

The site is built using Hugo and the theme is a slightly modified version of hugo-clarity by Chip Zoller.

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