Another Website Rebuild: Downsizing

It doesn’t seem like like six years ago when I shifted from MODX to Wordpress but some spare time over the holiday season and a bit of soul searching means time for a change.

I’ve dropped almost all of the IT / Web / Dev content and only kept the stuff that was relevant or valuable to me personally.

I’ve shifted to a flat-file CMS called Hugo which is a whole other story but the bottom line is I’m going through a virtual down-sizing so I can shut down my business in 2023.

Since 1997 I’ve been providing niche web and email hosting. First as a sideline for Ohmark Electronics then through the original incarnation of this website coming online in December 2001 and then under the name of Logical IT Limited since 2008.

I’ve seen incredible changes in the industry over that time and done some work with interesting and amazing people. I also suffered through the inevitable hacked servers, hardware faults and scope-creep ridden customer projects which make one wonder if it’s all worth while.

Being quarter of a century wiser than the 1997 version of myself has told me me that it’s not worth while and I’m looking to spend more time on projects for myself which might even mean I post more often on this blog. Or not.

I’ve also shut down my photography site and replaced it with a simple ‘where did it go’ information page and I’ve started to hand over ownership of numerous club and community group websites I wound up hosting over the years.

Because this is an end-of-an-era type thing for me I thought I’d share some screenshots courtesy of the WayBack machine to illustrate how bad my design skills have been over the years and reminisce just a little bit.

All the best for 2023.

Click on the thumbnails for the larger view and captions

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